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FAQ on Human Resources

Why newcomers keep coming and going away?

How to recruit satisfactory talent when the department staff are overburdened?

How to deal with senior employees who, despite their strong abilities, are disobedient to superior management?

How to clarify the responsibilities of departments, so as to improve cross-department communication efficiency?

How to quickly build a new team for business development?

Our Advantages
Comprehensive System

We can help with recruitment, personnel management, training, incentives and other aspects of human resource work. We can assist with organizational construction and development from strategic planning to strategic implementation.

Elite Team

Our experts have an average of over 10 years' experience in human resource management or human resource education. Most of them are TOP5 enterprise executives in Human Resource Industry, well-known headhunting consultants, senior HR consultants, labor law consultants, university professors of management, etc.

Positioning in Layers

We have worked with various small, medium and micro enterprises. We are capable of providing accurate and practical consulting services. Our service prices are lower, yet products are more flexible when compared with large management consulting firms.

Service Items

HR Management

Salary & Performance

Enterprise System and Culture Development

Organizational Diagnosis and Talent Assessments

Internal and external training

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