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SIBCO Introduction


Shanghai International Enterprises Business Consulting & Service Co., Ltd.(“SIBCO” for short)

Founded in 1999, SIBCO aims to provide one-stop modern management services for various enterprises, institutions and social organizations. we have built a comprehensive service product system including 6 main categories which are Business Consulting, Foreigner Service, HR Outsourcing and Consulting, Finance and Tax Consulting and Legal Consulting. Based in Shanghai, our business spreads out to more than 200 cities nationwide. We have offered services to about 10 thousands of customers, acquired multiple awards and qualifications.

Our Advantages
Leading the industry

Suported by our parent company, a strong central enterprise, we have established a standardized service system and actively promote the development of the industry uniformity

Experienced team

Instructed by corporate executives, senior experts and other elites with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, our team has been widely recognized and trusted in all walks of life

Sound Platform and Product System

Our one-stop close loop product system covers 40+ major categories and 200+ subcategories

SIBCO One-stop Enterprise Consulting Service Provider
Shanghai lnternational Enterprises Business Consulting & Service Co., Ltd. 滬ICP備10014940号-1

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